NOMA Consulting is an engineering consultancy specialised in underground construction. It is our mission to approach every project with a unique focus on delivering outstanding engineering solutions and unrivalled customer service. We thrive on finding the best answer to your complex, technical problems.


Our engineering designs stand out for their technical excellence. All of our engineers have a solid understanding of multiple design disciplines and believe in the importance of working closely with all teams on a project. This allows everyone to fully understand each other’s requirements and optimises the design outcome.

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Most of our team members have worked for large design consultancies and believe that there is a real opportunity to improve customer service and transform the type of engineering consultancy provided. We are proud of how seamlessly well we all work together to support our clients to achieve the desired outcome.

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We believe that almost anything is possible when working with the right people within a culture based on teamwork. We are a team of highly skilled professionals who are inspired by engineering, have a solid understanding of multiple design disciplines and put high emphasis on working closely and collaboratively with everyone involved on a project.

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