Cut & Cover Tunnels

Cut & Cover Tunnels

The design and construction of deep basements and cut-and-cover boxes requires careful consideration of the construction sequence, the support systems and the interaction of the ground with the earth retaining structures, foundations and strutting arrangements.

Ground movements and their effects on adjacent structures are of paramount importance, especially in urban areas. We use numerical modelling and analysis as part of our design process. This results in improved toe lengths and reaction forces of the retaining structures as well as increased overall safety and a robust, cost-effective design.

We also provide design solutions for all temporary and permanent cut & cover structures, including strutting and waling that are cost effective and practical. Numerical analysis is at the core of this process, allowing for sensitivity studies, sequence alternatives and retaining, strutting and foundation alternatives.

Our Expertise:

• Temporary retaining wall design using sheet, soldier or bored piles and diaphragm walls
• Temporary strutting and waling
• Permanent retaining wall design using cast in-situ concrete or diaphragm walls
• Control of ground movements
• Control of groundwater flow