Geotechnical & Geological Assessment

Geotechnical & Geological Assessment

One of the most important aspects to a successful implementation of any tunnel project is obtaining detailed knowledge of the geology to be encountered and the geotechnical aspects associated with the required design. Half of the delays and cost over-runs of projects are caused by ‘unforeseen ground conditions’ encountered once construction work has commenced.

The ground investigation is the process by which geotechnical and other relevant parameters are obtained, including on-site sampling, testing and information on all aspects of the ground including stratigraphy, soil parameters, groundwater conditions and contamination.

It is our best practice to always obtain a thorough geotechnical understanding that considers the soil structure interaction of tunnels. Our design engineers specialise in planning, and interpreting site investigations.

Our Expertise:

• Specification of testing requirements
• Interpretation of testing results
• Development of geotechnical/geological models
• Development of geotechnical design parameters