Our Philosophy


A Team That Makes A Difference

We believe that almost anything is possible when you work with good people within a culture based on teamwork. We are a team of highly skilled professionals who are inspired by engineering, have a strong understanding of multiple design disciplines and put high emphasis on working closely and collaboratively with everyone involved on a project. This results in holistic design solutions for our clients.

Every Client Matters To Us

Most of our team members have worked for large design consultancies and believe that there is a real opportunity to improve customer service and transform the type of engineering service typically provided. We are proud of how seamlessly well we all work together to support our clients to achieve the desired outcome.

A Business Model Focused On Client Service

Our aim is not to become a huge consultancy with large offices and massive overheads. We feel that our clients are best served through a number of offices at strategic locations, staffed with very experienced and inspired engineers, as well as young, talented professionals with a strong aptitude towards teamwork. All offices are connected by state of the art technology and our teams are led by experienced team leaders who know how to inspire people and deliver results. Our company fosters a culture of cooperative teamwork, staff empowerment and the development of a “no blame” work environment. This allows us to deliver unrivalled customer service, which is our utmost priority.

On-time And On-budget Delivery

All of our engineers have worked on large, global scale projects and witnessed first-hand how quickly project scopes and costs can increase because of unforeseen complexities, unexpected ground conditions or lack of experience. We would never embark on a design without a detailed understanding of the anticipated geology, the project requirements and objectives. That’s why we have a track record of on-time, on-budget delivery of projects.