Secondary Lining Design

Secondary Lining Design

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We have a holistic approach to tunnel design and our engineers have extensive experience in the design of secondary in-situ concrete tunnel linings for all types of tunnels. Since our team understands both the structural and geotechnical design aspects, we are able to provide our clients with optimised design solutions.

Advanced numerical modelling is carried out to provide an accurate assessment of the load sharing contribution of the primary lining. We have successfully adopted this design approach resulting in a more economical secondary lining thickness that does not compromise the overall safety.
We also provide advice and detailing of waterproofing requirements, taking into account its impact on the load sharing assessment between the primary and secondary tunnel linings.

Our Expertise:

• Unreinforced, conventional and steel fibre-reinforced cast in-situ concrete linings
• Permanent sprayed concrete linings
• Load sharing assessment between primary and secondary lining for optimised permanent lining design